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TOM HAWKINS - Website & Graphic Designer

I'm a nerd through and through and have always had a passion for creating. Most of my time is spent designing websites, web graphics, video motion graphics and editing video content.

The rest of my is spent time playing games, watching Netflix, playing football and I have a YouTube channel where I make funny gaming related videos.

If you want to find out more about my work life, you can check out my LinkedIn or to find out more about my personal life, you can check out my Twitter


I take Conversion into consideration when designing

Why work with me? I am easy to work with as I provide well organised, layered PSD's. I also have a background in Project Management and Quality Assurance, meaning my work is always on time, on budget and of the highest quality.

Website Design

I have worked on many website design projects with varied budgets as an individual designer and as part of a larger team. I also have a background in Conversion Rate Optimization so that is always taken into consideration, especially with website designing.

Graphic Design

My portfolio contains many leaflets, website banners, website graphics/icons as well as newsletters. I have done work for retailers, holiday resorts and more.

App Design

I have created wireframes and designs for website and mobile apps. You can find them in my portfolio!

Coding Knowledge

I have basic HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge. This means I know what can and can't be done, which helps in the development process


previous associations that helped to gather experience

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Charity Website
Web Design
Romanian Aid Website
Web Design
Holiday Resort App
Mobile Web App
Hotel Newsletter Design
Graphic Design
Christmas Card Design
Graphic Design
Interior Designer Website
Website Design
Online Book System Website
Website Design
Luxury Resortwear Brand
Graphic Design
YouTube Company Meetup
Graphic Design
Twitch Graphics Example 1
Graphic Design
Twitch Graphics Example 2
Graphic Design
YouTube Graphics Example
Graphic Design
Hunstanton Watersports
Website Design


My Clients Always Speaks for me

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